About Alza Karriere

Our role as a talent-acquisition and consultancy service in Human Capital Management, Shared Services and IT Services is more than just that. It is a commitment to growth- growth of our clients, and therefore, our own- that drives us to achieve great heights, thus reaffirming the ideals of ‘Alza’ (‘rise’ in Spanish) and ‘Karriere’ (‘career’ in German).

A Determined Mission

For the past 12 years, we have been providing Staff Augmentation and Permanent Placement services and for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to SMEs. As consultants, we believe in the pooling of resources for the best advantage. Armed with knowledge and expertise, we work as a team with our clients to achieve optimum results, tailormade to suit your demands. In a rapidly expanding economy on a fast track to development, the need of the hour is attention to people.

But the task of finding the right person for the right job is often an ordeal for companies. When the search for qualified and capable personnel begins, that is when Alza Karriere steps up to the challenge.

Similarly, our uniquely-designed ‘Competency Leveraged Advanced Staffing & Solutions’ (CLASS) model helps corporate arrive at the best solutions for their IT queries.

Purposeful Process

Serving as a network between human resource needs and career-building aspirations, Alza Karriere is an HR and IT consultancy with a customised approach. We at Alza have a two-way perspective that keeps us ahead. By closely observing our clients’ demands and providing them a personalised service, we have a thorough understanding of what they seek. At the same time, our people-centric approach facilitates the placement process, thus matching the qualified candidate to the appropriate employer.

People First

We human beings are the strategic assets that shape industry and economy and form an indispensable aspect of any corporate endeavour. But we are also, at the core of it, human beings with dreams and aspirations. When we acknowledge this, we realise how to maximise an individual’s potential. We also discover where he/she fits in into the larger picture, to mutual benefit.

An experienced team backed with an extensive store of multidisciplinary knowledge works with our clients to select suitable, industry-specific personnel who are perfectly qualified for the job. Alza’s approach to recruitment is thus comprehensive and at the same time specialized and layered in its process.

Across the Roster

The list of industries that Alza Karriere serves cuts across a wide section of the economy. Our dedication to building careers is intertwined with our larger goal of boosting economic growth and contributing to society. We are geared towards small, medium and large-sized corporates through a roster of industries and sectors. Our comprehensive package of services includes IT consultancy, manpower consultancy, job placement, and recruitment.