Alza Karriere is the recruitment mediator, the link that bridges the gap between talent and opportunity. At Alza, we use our skill for people-to-people relations to serve your needs better. We believe in the pooling of resources for the best advantage. Armed with knowledge and expertise, we work as a team with our clients to achieve optimum results. Ultimately, it is a commitment to growth-both our own and that of our clients-that drives us to achieve great heights, thus reaffirming the ideals of ‘Alza’ and ‘Karriere’.

In a rapidly expanding economy on a fast track to development, the need of the hour is attention to people. Human beings are the strategic assets that shape industry and economy and form an indispensable...
An experienced team backed with an extensive store of multidisciplinary knowledge works with our clients to select suitable, industry-specific personnel who are perfectly qualified for the job. Alza’s approach to recruitment is thus comprehensive and at the same time specialized and layered in its process. The list of industries that Alza Karriere serves cuts across a wide section of the economy. Our dedication to building careers is intertwined with our larger goal of boosting economic growth and contributing to society.
Finance and Accounting
Banking and Insurance
Manager Sales (BD)_Chennai
Leading Market Research Co. requires Professionals in Business Development(IT & ITES).This position requires candidate with good team handling.
CFO _ Finance_Chennai
Leading Manufacturing Co. requires qualified CA Professionals in Finance(CFO), Chennai - This position requires candidate with good exp in Budgeting & Planning.
Search Engine Marketing(SEM)_Chennai
Leading Bpo Co. requires Professionals in search engine optimization or Marketing.This position requires candidate with good exp in SEM or SEO

At Alza Karriere, our aspiration is to step in when there is a gap between talent and opportunity, between need and skill, between possibility and accomplishment. Therefore, our vision and mission is to build bridges between people that can facilitate human development and economic progress through the meeting of minds. Ultimately, our goal is to achieve excellence- both in terms of our own growth and also through our client’s success.  
  Our expert team arranges for a range of services that ensure a handpicking of candidates who can become valuable assets to a corporate entity:  
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